The Internet Marketing Tactics

Concepts of Internet Marketing

We have all been aware of internet marketing tactics. There are the constant calls of people seeking prospects who are interested in recruiting other prospects, which leads to a giant pyramid of people purchasing into a product, which then leads to the person at the top receiving all the power and the people at the bottom paying a monthly fee to then support the rich people at the top. I remember being in one of those schemes. Actually, I have been in many of those schemes, which almost always involved paying money to obtain a product and then convincing friends to join, in order to see the benefits of the product. In essence, I became a telemarketer, a salesperson, who had to step on friendships and squeeze money out of people I grew up with in order to get myself some money. This scam was meant to exploit me, because I was poor, wanted money, and wanted to start a business. Little did I know that this was actually not a business, but was a scheme to squeeze money out of my bank account, which was basically my parents’ bank account. I will never forget when i got scammed out of thousands of dollars by a telemarketer who could care less about my success, but only wanted to further his own personal agenda.

Regardless, I will explain to you what happens when you try to resort to internet marketing schemes in order to get a quick dollar. First, the internet marketer walks up to you, smiling and saying how he has this one simple product. Curiously, you ask what the product is. As you begin to look at the product, you wonder why your friend is deciding to sell it to you. Why would she want to make some money off of you, despite all the time that you had together? The answer is because she wants to better herself at the expense of you. That may not be the case. She may want to bring you in because she sees herself as growing in her “business” and wants you to grow your own “business” as well. The only flaw is that these types of businesses only grow at the expense of others. Someone has to be at the bottom for someone else to be at the top. One person gets the dream while the other is forced to continuously cold call until their fingers bleed.

Despite the struggles and achievements that many people want to obtain, there is always some scheme behind them that leads to broken dreams and thousands of dollars lost. I can still remember when I realized that my savings account had been depleted because I was chasing after a false reality of passive income streams. They will throw out never-before-seen tactics to obtaining financial freedom, which inevitably leads to failure and pain when you realize that the tactics are both spammy and illegal. Calling on friends in order to introduce them to the new business, posting on your social media outlets in order to recruit others, and demonizing those who choose not to join are all good examples of network marketing tactics that serve to suck people into the loop of internet marketing.

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